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Skateboard and BMX Videos Take Note, This Superb Scooter Video Just Ate Your Lunch

Experience Scootering with Mitch Baldry is nothing short of fantastic. Over the course of 139 seconds, this scooter trick video alternates between surprisingly thrilling and quietly meditative (especially in those moments where they drop the soundtrack). Starring Mitch Baldry and put together by Infinity List, here’s a list of the tricks that Mitch does:

0:15 360 Buttercup
0:18 720
0:25 Flair Tailwhip
0:30 Hang 5
0:40 Frontflip no hander
0:57 Backflip no hander to fakie
1:07 Bri whip
1:25 Quad tailwhip
1:30 Front lipslide
1:33 Superman
1:50 Backflip 180
1:56 Nose Manual
2:00 Heelwhip rewind double whip

(via Infinity List)

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