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Welcome to the Storyverse (A Site that Catalogs the Real Life Inside Your Books)

Welome to the Storyverse is the introductory video to Small Demons, a website that catalogues the real-life people, places and things that are mentioned in your favorite books. The idea is pretty fantastic:

Suppose someone took every meaningful detail from all the books you love. Every song mentioned, every person, every food or place or movie title. And what if they did that for all the books everyone else loves, too. The ones you’ve never heard of. Suddenly you’ve got a whole world of seemingly random people, places and things, all gathered in one place.

Together they create something vast, wonderful and entirely new. A Storyverse. A place where details touch, overlap and lead you further. To new music to listen to. New movies to watch. Places to visit. People to know. And of course, new books to read. Getting started is simple. Just choose a book. See where it takes you.

(hat tip @stephkent)

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